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What's New? In short, quite a lot!

Remodeling of both bathrooms & my laundry room is almost complete - and, never satisfied, new white shaker kitchen cabinets are due to arrive in the next week-or-so - with a kitchen remodel set for mid-summer. Along with a new concrete pad off the back deck - where a wood-fired hot tub will be situated later this year - I promise pix of the finished homestead will follow!
I attended my third Cruise to the Edge in February - read all about it by clicking here!
There's a new member of my family: as of early November, Lucy - a two-year-old Australian Shepherd / Greyhound mix - came to me from central California via the Oregon Humane Society. She's no doubt had a rough life so far(she is crazy skittish, and still very distrustful of all humans - myself included) but she'll eventually get the hang of things.
I closed on a house in Vancouver, WA (a Portland, OR bedroom community) in mid-June 2016 - settling-in has included a new HVAC system, a new hybrid water heater, new double-pane windows, a TimberTech wood deck, all kinds of electrical fixes (as well as wiring my home theatre), and a variety of my own puttering projects. Even built a custom chicken coop / pen along the side that saw five hens take occupancy in late March (with any luck egg production begins right around my birthday).

David... at Play

As you get to know more about me, you'll find that I'm one of those jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none types (well, maybe I'm pretty good at a few things). I tend to use this web site as a place to share many of my life's interests, including:
Music (I used to play professionally - now keeping my chops sharp with the music of Keith Emerson on my grand piano and the various synthesizers I've acquired over the years... and while not as prolific as we used to be, I still occasionally record - online - in a collaboration called The EMP Project)
Golf (I'm a 7 handicap [having come very close to breaking 70 on a couple of occasions] and a past-member of the Berkeley Hills Country Club in Duluth, GA)
Travel (you'll note an equal emphasis between land-based and cruising vacations - lots of trip reports/reviews to be found here, so if you're contemplating going to any of these places please use my experiences as a guide... and feel free to email if I can answer any specific questions)
Family (some information about my relatives that will be of little interest to those of you who don't know me)

David... at Work (yes, I work - retirement is still a few years off)

In the business world, for the past 34+ years you would call me an insurance agent; most recently, I had performed both sales and underwriting functions for a Managing General Agent called Alternative Market Specialists (AMS) since our inception in October 1997.  I use the past tense because - as of the end of 2001 - I became an IT Department of one, and these days do very little actual insurance. Incidentally, the dawn of 2009 found AMS changing into Protected Self Insurance Program Managers (PSI) - with the acquisition of a new office in Houston, TX. But, since then, most of those folk jumped-ship to work for an insurance company - and we subsequently closed-down that location (although we've still kept the name).

For those of you not in the trade, an MGA is akin to a wholesaler - we sell our property & liability insurance products to the (retail) agent, who in turn sells them to the insured (although we do have several accounts where we bypass any agent and worik directly with the insured). BTW, you may ask: why add an extra layer and, yes, extra cost to the sales process by using us? Because we bring expertise not commonlly available from most retail agents & brokers. Our insureds are typically city, county, and state governments; school systems; and religious institutions - seeking customized, reinsurance-like high deductible coverages.

Prior to my current employment, I was an Assistant Vice President with Sedgwick, Inc. for three years; an Account Executive with Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. - Atlanta for a bit more than five years (interestingly, in May 2005, the wholesaler subsidiary of Gallagher purchased AMS... what goes 'round comes 'round!); and a Business Sales Representative with Liberty Mutual - Houston for almost nine years.  And, for those of you who are in the trade, I hold both the Chartered Property & Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) and Associate in Risk Management (ARM) designations (in theory, at least, that's supposed to mean that I know what I'm talking about!).


Well, that's about it :)

Thanks for visiting my web site - and please keep checking back, as I really do try to update these and other pages at least once or twice every month (although, for the most current info, it's almost always best to check my Facebook,Twitter,or Instagram accounts)

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also known in some circles as...
David Presley - Tarkus

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