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About Me :)

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Real Name David S Presley
Nickname(s) Dave, Golf, Tarkus, Tark, Keith (lol)
Age / Sign / Birthplace 61 / Virgo / Texas
Current Location Vancouver, WA
Hometown Atlanta, GA
High School The Lovett School, Atlanta GA (1974, with Honors)
College Rice University, Houston TX (1979, BA Fine Arts, with a minor in Biology)
Occupation Technology Manager for a specialized Insurance Agency
Marital Status Single (three-times divorced), not looking, and pretty much emotionally unavailable!
Child(ren) One daughter, Jordan, by my second marriage
Sibling(s) One (younger) brother, Robert
Pets Lucy (a rescued Australian Shepherd / Greyhound mix)
Hobbies Music, Golf, TV/Videos, the Internet, Travel, Photography/Photoshop, Sailing, SCUBA Diving
Politics / Religion Libertarian / Unitarian Universalist (although I'm no longer active)
Interests / Causes The FairTax, Doctors for Sensible Gun Laws, Get the US out of the UN
Other Websites (my music website), FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace-Music
David from July 1971 (age 14) David at age 3 David and Laura from July 1971 (ages 14 and 12)
A 20-something David "Defending The Homestead" David's Three Wives
David as Captain of the Enterprise David as Legolas Greenleaf David as the Scarecrow
David on a date with Jennie McCarthy David on a "Men In Black" movie poster David on a date with Tara Reid
(stay tuned to this space for more OLD pics of yours truly!)

My Daughter - Jordan

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Real Name (Alicia) Jordan Presley
Nickname(s) JP, P, Goose
Age / Sign / Birthplace 31 / Capricorn / Texas
Current Location Portland, OR
Hometown Santa Ynez, CA
High School Santa Ynez Valley Union High School, Santa Ynez CA (2005)
College University of California, Berkeley, CA (2009, BA English, with Honors)
Occupation Currently in-between jobs (as she puts-down roots in Portlandia)
Marital Status Single
Child(ren) None
Sibling(s) None
Pets Cali (her 9 year old female Black Lab) and Gideon (her 2-ish year old Calico Cat)
Hobbies Hunter/Jumping (equestrian), Reading, Singing, Dining-Out, playing her Digital Piano / learning the Guitar
Politics / Religion Democrat leaning Libertarian / Nichiren Buddhism
Interests / Causes Peace Corps, Tutoring Prisoners at San Quentin
Other Websites None (other than email, she's no longer active on social media)
20001200-Jordan-School-Pic.jpg (40341 bytes) Jordan - Christmas 2001
Jordan @ her Grandfather's House - Christmas 2000 Jordan @ David's "Divorce" Apartment - Christmas 2000 Jordan @ David's "Divorce" Apartment - Christmas 2000
Jordan & David - Christmas 2000 Jordan @ her Grandfather's House - Christmas 2000 Jordan @ her Grandfather's House - Christmas 2000
Jordan's Horse named "Scribbles" Jordan ready for Competition at the annual Santa Barbara Horse Show Jordan's Best Buds: Kara & Becky
Jordan & Rafe, at a Pool BBQ on July 4, 2002 Jordan at the Braves/Cubs Game (we lost 7-3) Jordan at the helm of Bajan Girl on Lake Lanier
Jordan with her newly-skinny Dad Jordan's High School Graduation Invitation David and Jordan - Christmas 2002
Jordan taking her spot for the 2005 Commencement Jordan opened Commencement by singing "The Star Spangled Banner" Jordan having just received her Diploma
Commencement concludes! Jordan and her best (now alumni) buds! David & Jordan before dinner, celebrating that afternoon's Graduation!
Wheeler Hall, UC-Berkeley - where Jordan will take most of her Major classes Jordan at The Vineyard House (where she once bussed tables) Jordan, at the front gates to UC-Berkeley
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My Muttley - Lucy

Real Name Lucy- a rescued Australian Shepherd / Greyhound mix
Age 3
Hobbies Shredding all kinds of soft dog toys, trying to learn the ropes from Cali, looking worried
Lucy has a perpetual look of worry on her face This was Lucy moments after coming to her new home from the Oregon Humane Society

My Brother - Robert - and His Family

Family-Robert.jpg (36937 bytes)
Real Name Robert D Presley
Nickname(s) Rob, Condor
Age / Sign / Birthplace 58 / Aquarius / Texas
Current Location Atlanta, GA
Hometown Atlanta, GA
High School The Lovett School, Atlanta GA (1978)
College University of Georgia, Athens TX (1982, BA)
Occupation Marketing Executive, Panavision
Marital Status Married (Mei-Ming)
Child(ren) Two daughters - Hilary (25) and Courtney (22)
Sibling(s) That would be moi :)
Pets Hazel (their brown bichon puppy)
Hobbies Guitar, Golf, Tennis, Motorcycles (Harley V-Rod in particular), Photography, Target Shooting
Politics / Religion Republican / Catholic
Interests / Causes You'd need to ask him...
Other Websites FaceBook
ByLand-20010617-HilaryJordanCourtneyPullBack.jpg (45542 bytes) ByLand-20010617-JordanCarriesCourtney.jpg (51293 bytes) ByLand-20010617-HilaryJordanCourtneyClose.jpg (47034 bytes)
ByLand-20010617-JordanCourtney.jpg (50987 bytes) ByLand-20010617-CourtneyHilaryRobert.jpg (56378 bytes)
Courtney showing her Gymnastic Prowess! Robert, Susan, Courtney & Hilary
Robert, Dad, Susan, Courtney & Hilary David, Dad & Robert David, Dad, Rob, Courtney & Hilary
Family-Cousins1.jpg (60564 bytes) Family-Cousins2.jpg (60887 bytes)

My (previous) Muttley - Rafe

Real Name Rafe (pronounced "roffie") - a coated Xoloitzcuintli (pronounced "show-low-eats-queenth-lee)
Age Deceased (6/15/2001-1/28/2015)
Hobbies Car Rides, Barking (at everything!), Chewing on Bones & Other Treats, Sleeping
Rafe at age 4 weeks Rafe at age 8 weeks Rafe at age 6 weekx
Rafe at age 10 weeks Rafe at age 10 weeks Rafe at age 10 weeks
Rafe Chewing on a Christmas Present (Bone) Rafe can't figure-out what a superlong telephoto lens is... Rafe likes to get into things...
20050814-03 BoatRideBoth.jpg (80968 bytes) 20050814-04 BoatRideRafe.jpg (96497 bytes) 20050814-05 BoatRideBear.jpg (80255 bytes)
20050814-07 BoatRideRafe.jpg (92686 bytes) Rafe relaxing at the end of a day 20050814-09 BoatRideRafe.jpg (70566 bytes)
Rafe snoozing after a long day of scaring-away the squirrels! Just one more treat, Dad? One more?? Keepin' Dad company on Jordan's deck in Santa Barbara
Hangin' out (albeit somewhat uncomfortably due to his illnesses) in the Living Room Dad - I don't feel well - do you HAVE to take another picture of me? Rafe sawing logs at Jordan's place in Santa Barbara
As in seriously out cold! lol Rafe's final photo at home... the ordeal known as congestive heart failure clearly visible on his face And just as I shared baby pix of his first few days with me, here is the last photo of my quirky but lovable little boy. He was euthanized a few minutes later. I still miss him so :'(
  Rest In Peace, Rafe. You were a really good dog.  

My Parents

Dianne A. Presley
November 29, 1933 - October 21, 1990
Gene F. Presley
February 13, 1926 - October 14, 2004

Obituary Guestbook (please make an entry if you knew my father):  MEM Everlasting Memorial


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