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As I said at the outset, I'm a photo-taking junkie (having been a professional photographer as well as majoring in Fine Arts in college), so I have a lot more than what's shown here... I just haven't had time to scan my photos and get them up onto my web site - YET!

My last wife, at The Painted Ladies in San Francisco
Rafting down the Chattooga River, in North Georgia
Elvis Presley's Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
The El Castillo Pyramid at Chichen Itza
Rafting the Ocoee River on July 8, 2001
The put-in spot, just below the dam (note all the spray moving horizontally)
The Ruins at Tulum Mexico
Cruising the Mexican Riveria aboard Carnival's Jubilee
Headed downstream...
Looking back at a set of (purported) Class III rapids
Somemore Class III Rapids
Class IVs - tho they were pretty tame IMO
A view of the lake from where we had our after-rafting party
Behind the 18th Tee at the Mid Ocean Club, Bermuda
The Mermaid Beach Club in Bermuda
Freestyle Farms, Santa Ynez California
A Black Sand Beach off Highway 1 in central California
The Purisma Mission in California
A view off of 17 Mile Drive, Pebble Beach California
The Main Swimming Pool at Hearst Castle, San Simeon California
The Harbor of the Santa Barbara California Yacht Club

Savannah and the South Carolina low-country

For Spring Break 2004, Jordan came to Atlanta for a visit - and we went for a quick two-day/one-night jaunt down to Savannah and Hilton Head. Being a bit of a history buff, she seemed to really enjoy Savannah's Historic District - as well as our room at one of America's Historic Hotels: the River Street Inn.

Jordan on the Riverwalk, with the bridge to South Carolina in the background. Near Factor's Walk, Jordan really enjoyed the old trees and the spanish moss. Remember this from the film "Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil"? Jordan, clearly becoming exasperated with Dad's constant photography. Entering Forsyth Park (again, this figures prominently in the film "Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil")

Early morning of Day #2 (taken while Jordan was snoozing at the hotel).

Jordan's love of history also extends to graveyards! JP out at the Tybee Island Lighthouse (about 15mi/30min from downtown Savannah).

Jordan & David just prior to taking a Savannah River Boat Tour.

Jordan, hugging her Grandfather goodbye, just before returning home.

JP stayed until Friday - visiting with her Grandfather on Wednesday & Friday, and going on a summer wardrobe shopping expedition at The Mall of Georgia on Thursday.  In retrospect, that last photo is bittersweet... it was the last time she saw her Grandfather alive. :(


London... in one day!

What?  Try to tour London in one day?  Preposterous!  Yup, it is... but I wasn't there on pleasure: My company's London office, like many of their U.S. counterparts, was moving towards homeworking - and I was brought-over on 7/21/04 for three intensive work days to prepare everyone's computers for this changeover.  Everything went reasonably well - it was good getting to know my Brit colleagues a bit better, and to have the opportunity to dine with them at London's oldest Indian restaurant: Veeraswamy!

Big Ben photographed from the grounds of Westminster Abbey The Marble Arch The less-famous entrance to Westminster Abbey Buckingham Palace, just prior to The Changing of the Guards The Crown Jewels, Tower of London
Trafalgar Square - View #1 The Tower Bridge, photographed from the Tower of London Trafalgar Square Having just crossed The Tower Bridge Trafalgar Square - View #2
The Houses of Parliament at Sunset The Houses of Parliament at Sunset Westminster Abbey at Sunset The Houses of Parliament at Sunset Big Ben, near sunset

That Saturday, I decided to iron-man it and do/see as much touristy stuff as I could:

The Original Tour Bus The Tower of London
Buckingham Palace Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
Big Ben The Tate
Westminster Abbey The Royal Festival Hall
The Houses of Parliament The Millennium Bridge

By 10pm my weary, blistered feet found me back at the Sherlock Holmes Hotel - where I enjoyed the last of my H. Upmann cigar, a snifter of single malt, and the crisp night air, before adjourning to my room to pack and prepare for my Sunday return home.  Unlike my "been there, done that" feeling about my prior year's visit to Amsterdam, I would very much like to return for a lengthier stay in London... preferably whenever the exchange rate might be a tad better!


Key West, New York, and Boston...

In the first few days of 2006 my daughter came to visit for 11 days... which included my first celebration of her actual birthday since she was five years old!  While here, I thought I'd treat her (and her Mom) to a quick overnight in Key West - followed by Jordan's birthday wish to go to New York (and Boston, by my choice, to expose her to a little history) for the remainder of her visit.  First, Key West:

Jordan and Natalie (her Mom) on the high-speed cat down to Key West Natalie watches a sailing vessel while Jordan yakks on her cell phone! Natalie and Jordan at the southernmost home in the U.S. Jordan and David at the southernmost point in the U.S. Natalie and Jordan in front of Ernest Hemingway's Key West home.

After celebrating Jordan's 19th birthday that Saturday (including a visit to, arguably, the best restaurant in southwest Florida - Chops)Natalie returned to the west coast on Sunday - then Jordan & I headed-up to NYC early that Monday morning.  After an early check-in at the Marriott Marquis Times Square, we visited the Guggenheim Museum, then headed-south to the Financial District to visit Ground Zero; that night we attended a performance of "Rent" at the Nederlander Theatre.  On Tuesday, we spent much of the day at theMuseum of Natural History, followed-up with a carousel ride and long walk in Central Park; that night we attended a performance of "Wicked" at the Gershwin Theatre (our favorite show this trip).  On Wednesday, we spent many hours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, before heading to NBC Studios at 30 Rock for a taping of Late Night with Conan O'Brien - capping-off the night with a performance of "The Lion King" at the New Amsterdam Theatre

Jordan visits Ground Zero - site of the fallen World Trade Towers Jordan arrives at the Museum of Natural History Jordan glances at The Ed Sullivan Theatre (home of The Late Show with David Letterman) Jordan considering her place in the Cosmos (at the Museum of Natural History) Jordan immediately at the conclusion of "Wicked"
Jordan enjoying some Egyptian History at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Jordan exiting NBC Studios immediately after a taping of Late Night with Conan O'Brien Jordan, seen immediately after the end of The Lion King Good Morning America's Times Square Studios NBC's Today Show Studios at 30 Rock

Thursday morning meant packing and check-out; we then took a cab to Penn Station for our train up to Boston - where we checked-into the Omni Parker House (known not only as the oldest operating hotel in the U.S. but also the place where the Boston Creme Pie was originated).  After relaxing a bit, we walked down to Faneuil Hall for a wonderful seafood dinner at Kingfish Hall.  On Friday, we purchased Trolley Tour tix for a 90min riding-tour of Boston; we then followed-that-up with walking to such sights as Paul Revere's HouseThe Old North Church, the U.S.S. Constitution, the Granary Burial Ground, and other notable venues; that night we met my friends Ti & Bobby - along with their elder son Mike - for dinner at Joe Tecce's Italian Restaurant (in the North End), then closed-down the Hard Rock Boston.

Nighttime at Faneuil Hall Jordan at The Old North Church Jordan at The Paul Revere House A rare photo of David - at the Old North Church Jordan peering below-decks on the U.S.S. Constitution

Saturday morning brought the worst weather of the trip (which had otherwise been abnormally warm and dry) - but no worries as it was our return day home.  After spending much of the rest of the day doing laundry and other return-to-California chores, Jordan hopped a Denver-connecting flight back to LAX that Sunday morning - and was met by her Mom who drove both of them south to San Diego to begin setting-up Jordan's first college apartment!


Speaking of San Diego... 

On 4/14/06 (Good Friday) I connected through Atlanta on my way to Los Angeles - where I visited friends for a couple of days before driving-down to La Mesa (suburban San Diego) to spend the remainder of the visit with my daughter.  On Saturday I met my online friend Ada for a day at the Aquarium of The Pacific, followed by drinks then dinner nearby; on Sunday I hung-out with my perennial west coast "date" Cindey; then Monday I lunched inj Pasadena with another friend (Nadia) before attending a taping in Burbank of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - followed with the drive down to Jordan's new apartment in San Diego.

Ada and David in Long Beach Nadia and David, after lunch in Pasadena Jordan yakking with her Mom, at Por Favor in La Mesa Sleepy Time at The San Diego Zoo Nappy Time at The Kid's Apartment! ;-)

One of my hallmarks is always staying healthy when traveling... well, the law of averages finally caught-up with me this trip. :(  I felt(what I thought was) a cold coming-on during the plane ride over; but my cough worsened through the week; then on Wednesday both of my eyes reddened and began to swell shut.  Long story short, that evening was spent in a local ER where I found-out I had both bronchitis and conjunctivitis.  The only casualty for the week was my planned hang gliding (too expensive if you can't see what's happening around and below you) - otherwise, I kept a stiff upper lip and pushed forward - including a trip to the San Diego Zoo and driving all-over the beautiful Southern California countryside!


The 50th Annual Grammy Awards

Towards the end of 2007 I got an invitation to attend The 50th Annual Grammy Awards - how on earth could I turn THAT down?!!  Besides, it gave me an opportunity to renew some old friendships and make new ones.  Starting off, on the evening of Friday (2/8/08), I finally met (in person) my (online) friends Tarita, her fiancee Pharoah, and Adam and Charlie; that Saturday, I met by brother at his corporate apartment - we went to Langer's Deli for the most amazing pastrami sandwiches I've ever tasted, then went back to his place to watch some of the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am and also have him demo his new guitar synthesizer.  From there I headed-over to to BB King's Club at Universal City Walk for a 6pm show by the band Venus Envy; afterwards, a bunch of us met at Gretchen Bonaduce's house for some talk and relaxation (and me tinkling her ivories just a bit):

Adam, Pharoah and Tarita @ The Snake Pit on Melrose

Adam, Pharoah and Tarita @ The Snake Pit on Melrose

Robert demo'ing his new Guitar Synthesizer

Robert demo'ing his new Guitar Synthesizer

David with Gretchen Bonaduce, outside BB King's @ Universal CityWalk David playing the piano @ Gretchen's house Wendy, David, Beth and Gretch after the show @ BB Kings
Cell Phone camera view of The Grammys, minutes before air In case you wondered what Grammy telecast and after-party tix look like Cyndi Lauper performing at The Grammys after-party
Carla, David & Gretch finishing-up the evening... fun! :) David and Jordan after an unexpected Sunday breakfast

After a surprise (unexpected) Westlake Village breakfast visit with my daughter (who was in Santa Ynez visiting her Mom instead of at school in Berkeley that weekend) I got cleaned-up, limo'd over with my Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp friend Ed and his wife Dee to walk the red carpet, and then it was into Staples Center for the 3-1/2 hour extravaganza (that really is MUCH better live than on television).  When it concluded, we attended the Grammy after-party - with entertainment provided by Cyndi Lauper.  Finally, Monday was just sort of a lazy travel day - including a yummy Indian dinner with my friend Alexandra and her b/f Shane before returning to LAX for an uneventful redeye back to SW Florida.


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