Pics & Commentary as I travel Here 'n There...

A really quick comment (as a point of introduction): one of the goals in re-designing this website was to make it a LOT less wordy - that's particularly true on the travel pages.  So I've expunged a lot of the verbiage (either that, or relocated it onto a child page for those who might be interested in reading some trip reports) - relying instead on my love of photography to tell the various tales.  As is obvious, I'm a photo-taking junkie (having been a professional photographer in my 20s as well as a Fine Arts major in college), so I have a lot more than what's shown here... I just haven't had time to scan my photos and get them up onto my web site - YET!

At any rate, this section is now divided into three areas:

"By Land" - for land-based travel
"By Sea" - for cruise ship-based travel
"Miscellaneous" - for short getaways (that don't quite warrant their own page)

I hope you enjoy what you see & read...


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